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R3 & updates

Hello everyone~
I'm here to update some rules. To those who claim Series: general, from now on you may icon the same pairing for 5 times (instead of 4), and no more than that.

In case you missed the themes post, our R3 has started! You can find the themes here.

If you're unsure how the Category set works, I've made some examples to clear things up. You don't include gradients in your icons. You make each of your icon of different shades/hues, so that the five as a whole will look like a gradient of colors.

Some quick examples I made:

I picked purple->violet. Of course, you can use any color you want; red->orange, blue->purple, red->pink, blue->light blue, black->gray/white (LOL this is too easy so we don't really recommend it), green->yellow, etc.

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Note: Don't worry about tagging your claim -- mods will do it for you. :)


If has come to our attention that some rules in regards to posting Round 1 icons (and this applies to all rounds) may not be as clear as we first thought. Please take note of these because we cannot always remind everyone individually, this will make it easier for everyone.

1. We must stress that you can only post entries under ONE account. Anyone posting under multiple accounts will be asked to choose only one set of icons to enter in the challenge, the others will be disqualified. You will then be expected to post only from that one chosen account. Voters, this applies to you as well - you may only vote under ONE account.

2. If you make a general pairings claim, we will only accept up to 5 icons of any given pairing so mix it up. (E.g. you may have a maximum of 5 Ichiruki icons, maximum of 5 GinRan and so on).

3. If you are using colourings of manga panels or pages the same rules apply as they do for using fanart - you can only use your own colourings. Please do not use things you find on the net. You may also be asked to provide evidence it is your own work and please understand this is not personal. We must try and be as fair as possible and this means preventing "art theft" drama.

I hope that clears things up, please abide by these rules and I promise it will make things more fun for all of us. XD

P.S. aentee says that as long as it is still the 30th December somewhere in the world you may post your entry. But be honest. ;)
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01. Currently, only claims for anime/manga and video games pairings will be accepted. You can claim either a single pairing, an entire series, or the works of a particular mangaka/gaming franchise. We're quite flexible, but if you're unsure, just check with one of the mods.
02. You may sign up for one claim each round.
03. You may not sign up for the same claim two rounds in a row.
04. Only a single claim can be made per pairing each round.
05. Every icon made for the challenge must contain BOTH the characters in your pairing in some recognizable way. Other characters may also be present in the icon, so long as your pairing is the focus.
EDIT: Changes to this rule: Icon MAY have only ONE character in it, but it must be of a significant moment of the pairing. Otherwise, some object/setting that symbolises the other person must be present.
06. Only claims for PAIRINGS can be made here. OT3 is also OK, as long as you can fit all 3 characters into each of your icons (or otherwise refer to edit 05 above).
07. If you claim a mangaka/series instead of a single pairing - you may only have up to FOUR FIVE icons of any given pairing in your set of 20. E.g. if someone claimed CLAMP, they are only allowed to make 5 Syaoran/Sakura icons, the rest must feature other CLAMP pairings.
07. Only post your set here or link to your set when ALL 20 icons have been completed. In saying that, you can post your set anytime you like on your own journal/comm if that's how you like to work. But if you want to post them in this comm/ link to them from this comm; only when all 20 is done please.
08. Your icon post must remain PUBLIC, at least until the round is completed.
09. All icons made for each round must be new and made specifically for the challenge. The icon must also feature your own work, please don't use other people's manga colouring / graphics edits.
10. All icons must conform to LJ standards: Up to 100x100 in size and less than 40KB.
11. Icons should be PG-13, if you are unsure, check with one of the community moderators. Changed. Include as much smut and cussing as you want from now on - but please place a warning to protect the innocent XD;
12. Voters should be objective, vote for the icon you feel is of the best quality/fit most to the theme.
13. If you want to take an icon made this challenge, please follow the rules set out by each particular iconist.

Rules are subjective to changes at the discretion of the maintainers.