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otp20in20's Journal

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OTP Icon Challenge
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OTP20in20; 20 days of shipping. <3
OTP: One True Pairing. Fandom term for a fictional relationship (usually romantic) that you support.

20in20: A type of icon challenge where you create 20 icons in 20 days for a chosen subject. You will be making 10 themed icons (chosen by the mods; a mix of conceptual and technical), 5 Category icons and 5 Artist's Choice icons. At the end of each round, all icons will be pooled together and members of the community will vote for their favourite icons of each theme, category set and artist's choice set.

At OTP20in20, we combine these two ideas and challenge you to make 20 icons of your favourite animanga and video games ship(s) in 20 days. Het, slash, canon or crack—they are all welcomed here. ♥

ce_lestic, strawberries_85, ryfee and aentee.

- This community only accepts claims for anime/manga and video games pairings. You can claim either a single pairing, an entire series, or the works of a particular mangaka/gaming franchise. We're quite flexible, but if you're unsure, please refer to the FAQs section or check with one of the mods.
- You may sign up for one pairing each round.
- You may not sign up for the same pairing two rounds in a row.
- Only a single claim can be made per pairing each round.
- Every icon made for the challenge must contain BOTH the characters in your pairing in some recognizable way.
- Only claims for PAIRINGS can be made here. OT3 is also OK, as long as you can fit all 3 characters into each of your icons.
- Only post your set or link to your set when ALL 20 icons have been completed.
- Your icon post must remain PUBLIC, at least until the round is completed.
- All icons made for each round must be new and made specifically for the challenge.
- All icons must conform to LJ standards: Up to 100x100 in size and less than 40KB.
- Voters should be objective, vote for the icon you feel is of the best quality/fit most to the theme.

Rules are subjective to changes at the discretion of the maintainers.

Rounds begin: 1st~11th of the month.
Rounds end: 20th~31st of the month.
Voting posted: As soon as a round ends.
Voting ends: Approximately 2~3 days after the voting is posted.
Sign-ups for the next round: 30th~1st of the month.

Rules FAQsSign UpAffiliatesPast WinnersProfile CodesThanks to:
celeb20in20 for initiating the 20in20 challenges. To bleach_20in20 and ff20in20 where we got our inspiration for this particular community.

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