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Masterpost: 50in5R


Okay, since we got a lot of sign-ups for this special side challenge, we decided to make a masterpost where everyone can post their claim(s). You can comment in this entry with the format we provide, and we'll regularly update the list, advertise your icons. At the end of the challenge there'll be a showcase with the list of participants and their finished sets.
We're sorry if there was confusion before -- we opted for this method to prevent our regular 20in20 entries from getting overwhelmed/mixed up, and to keep everything neat and organized.

Basically, you'll "crosspost" to this "entry" instead of the community with 3-6 teasers (depending on your chosen set).

Do not comment here if your claim is not finished. Once done, please post in the following format:

Also, note that the sign-up is still open until the end of Round 5. So to those who feel like claiming something else, please visit this entry.

Thank you so much for your interest everyone!♥ Good luck with both Round 5 and the side challenge!
Tags: !50in5r, !challenge

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