aentee (aentee) wrote in otp20in20,

R10: Slight Extensions!

Hi everyone!

I love that all the entries are rolling in this last 24 hours XD♥! Keep them coming! We've decided to extend the deadline and the new one is Thursday 22nd of December; 8PM GMT+12; as one of our member is having trouble uploading her completed set and also cos we want to see a couple more entries before the round concludes.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far, I will add your links here in a little while ♥! You have all been grand and tysm for agreeing to play around with my ridic. category theme this round. I promise it will be back to normal next round~

*back to making gift exchange graphics for calendarsquares*

oh & affiliate plug; I am terrible at remembering to do these, sorry affils:

Tags: !modpost, round 10

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