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Themes of the current round will be posted here.
All old themes will be recycled after each round is finished.


1-10: For the first ten icons, you'll have these themes:
1. Flowers. 2. Sign-ups. 3. Mythology. 4. Heart Symbol. 5. Foreign Language.
6. Negative Space. 7. Happiness. 8. Frame Textures. 9. Upside Down. 10. Valentine Card.
11-15: Your special category set (which consists of 5 icons) will be: Color Gradient.
16-20: Artist's Choice.

A little help:
1. This can either be i) conceptual (incorporation of a phrase/lyrics that's connected to flowers e.g. "A rose by any other name" (lol wut)) Or it can be ii) technical blending of a stock flower, usage of flower textures and brushes, etc, into your icon. You can also simply use an image that has flower(s) in it.
2. The icon has to feature a physical gesture of affection, examples: a kiss; a hug; a pat of the head; hand holding.
3. For this theme you must incorporate a myth into your icon. Myths of any origin is accepted, for your reference here's a couple of websites: 1 // 2 (yes, in this case, research on wikipedia is a-okay XD). Otherwise you can use the word 'myth' or its synonyms in your icon and treat it like a conceptual theme.
4. Another technical theme. For this theme you MUST utilise a heart shaped brush, heart patterns or heart textures in your icon. You can use both the stylised heart or the anatomically correct heart that's so bizarrely trendy these days. If you need help locating heart shaped resources, you can nag one of us.
5. This icon must feature non-English text. You can use any language you want, be it Spanish, Japanese, French, Elvish or Klingon. The text doesn't have to be romantic either, but your OTP should be featured on the icon nonetheless. Also, please kindly provide a translation ♥
6. For this theme the majority (50% or more) of your icon must be empty space! The space can be white, or a solid fill colour. Only minimal design and visual features should occupy the negative space.

Examples: 1 (by ryfee) // 2 (by strawberries_85).
7. For this conceptual theme, you can either use the word 'happiness' or its synonym in your icon. You can also use phrases/lyrics that convey this feeling. Of course, you can also make a textless icon that features people looking happy.
8. You must use a frame texture or stock photo in this icon. Both traditional/vintage frames and more modern, sleek frames will be accepted. If you're having trouble locating frames, try googling 'vintage frames' / 'gold frames' etc.
9. The image in the icon must be rotated so that the subjects are upside down.
10. Black and white with only one or two colours splashed visibly on the icon.
11-15. COLOUR GRADIENT: The five icons in this set must transition from one colour/hue to another. This can be either i) a gradient from light to dark (dark blue → light blue) or vice versa OR ii) a gradient from one colour to another (red → orange). We would prefer it if you kept the colours in your gradient of the same hues (e.g. green → yellow INSTEAD of rainbow gradient or green → red etc).

Examples: fiendie's R2 Set. Specifically, the Category set (dark green → lime green) or her AC set (red → yellow).
16-20. Icon whatever you like. :D

Remember that all textures and brushes are allowed, so you can use whatever you want to convey the message in each icon. If you still need to clarify something, feel free to comment here!

Have fun!♥

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