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Round 8: Themes


Yes, trying to defy LJ here. Ugh. I hope this works and everyone won't miss this.

01. Hogwarts 02. Fight 03. Blocking 04. Fade 05. Magic
06. Chess Pieces 07. Two Fonts 08. Song Title 09. Love Tropes 10. Wallpaper Texture
11-15. Category Set: Zoom In (NO, you don't have to use the same image.)
16-20. Artist's Choice

01. Lol HP fever. For this theme, you must pick one of the Hogwarts houses and interpret it in any way you want. For example, if you pick Gryffindor, you can make an icon with red and orange(gold) as dominating colors. You can also show a form of courage, bravery, loyalty, etc. Here's the wiki page for more info.

02. For this icon, make something that shows any kind of "battle"; it can be emotional or even literal as in wielding weapons or fighting stances. This is highly interpretative, so please be creative! Badass characters? Yes please.

03. This trend is spreading fast like virus, but hasn't quite reached the animanga fandom yet. Anyway, for this theme, you're required to make an icon that has "repeated boxes", which can be resized, flipped, rotated in any way you want. Here are some examples to enlighten you:

Icons by pamkips & dashberlin

Note that you don't have to make your icon look exactly like the examples shown above. Please be creative and go wild!

04. This theme is open to interpretation. You can use text like "fading away", "disappear without a trace" etc, or you can manipulate an element in your icon so that it appears to be "fading" (this can be your text, texture, or even the subject itself).

05. For this theme, you can use images of characters that have "unusual (magical)" powers. Wands and brooms? Sure, why not. Should you decide to approach this one technically, you can use colorful and "smoky/hazy" textures. You're also allowed to use lyrics or words like "spellbound", "enchanted", "disenchanted" etc.

06. A technical theme. Convey one (or more) of the name of a chess piece in your icon; i.e. King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops, Knights and Pawns. This can either be down visually (e.g. a royalty, crown symbols etc to signify kings and queens) or through phrases ('knight in shining armor' 8D;).

07. Use two (and only two!) different fonts in your icon. They can be sans-serif or serif or a mixture of both! Make sure both fonts are legible on the icon. Tiny text is allowed but not counted as a type of font. Oh, also, the script family is allowed, of course.

08. Feature the entire name of a song in your icon, it doesn't matter whether your song title has only one word or 10, so long as the words are there!

09. For this theme, you must use one of these love!tropes: link link link. Note that you aren't restricted to making something "romantic" or platonic in any way -- if you look closely, you'll find some... interesting stuff like "cock fight" and "parental incest". LOL.

10. Self-explanatory. Just use a wallpaper texture in your icon - as a background, on overlay or screen, whatever works as long as part of it is visible.

11-15. As simple as it sounds. Your icons should gradually have a closer and closer crop on the subjects.
NOTE: NO, you don't have to use the same image.

16-20. Feel free to icon anything!

Any questions? Ask away!

Round 8 ends on August 21st.
Tags: !themes, round 8

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