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I say FAQ, but I sorta made these up myself 8D;

If you have any other questions not addressed here or in the rules, feel free to post a comment here.

01. What's an OTP?
OTP stands for One True Pairing. Fandom term to refer to a fictional relationship (usually romantic) that you support.

02. What's 20in20?
A set of challenge where the participants are asked to make 20 icons of their chosen subject in 20 days. In this particular community, the subject will always be an animanga pairing of their choice.

03. Can I sign up for real-life tv shows/ Disney/ real people pairings?
At the moment we only accept anime/manga and video game claims, but this will change depending on how much participation and interest there are.

04. How many pairings can I claim at one time?
Only one claim per round, unless otherwise specified. EDIT: And I can't believe I have to say thi but: this means ONE claim PER PERSON, please don't go off making multiple accounts, it won't be counted -__- Same goes for voting.

05. Someone else have already claimed my OTP, can I still sign up using the same pairing?
No. Please choose another pairing if this happens, or wait until the next round. This is also subjective to change depending on how much participation we have.

06. What are the themes this round?
After the sign up is closed, the theme and info for that round will be announced within 2 days.

07. Can I post the icons in my own journal/community and just link it from here?
Sure thing. You don't have to post the actual icon set in this community, as long as you provide a link to it within the timeframe given. Note that the icon post must be public, at least until the round has concluded.

08. Can I pimp my icons to other communities?
Yep. As long as the icon was made specifically for the challenge, you can cross post as much as you like.

09. Can I post other icons along in my otp20in20 post?
We'd prefer it if you only post the icons made for the challenge in your post. But of course, this is your choice in the end.

11. Can I claim a slash/crack/yaoi/yuri/etc pairing?
Sure thing, any pairing is welcomed here. As long as you keep your icons PG-13 ;D

12. Can I use the same image to make icons within a challenge set?
I understand that many pairings do not have that many panels/coloured pages together, so I'm going to say yes here. As long as the icon fits the theme given, of course. Also, if you do this, try and vary the style within each icon as much as possible - otherwise this sorta defeats the purpose of a 20 in 20 challenge.

13. Can I use fanart?
No, unless you get permission from the artist. Otherwise, you'll have to stick with the official image.

14. Can I claim an OT3?
Yes, as long as you can fit all three characters involved in each of the icon and they are still recognisable. Some flexibility is given to this rule, see below!

15. If I claim a series or a mangaka's works, how many times can a single pairing appear in a given 20in20 set?
In cases where the participant has claimed a series / mangaka, they may only iconise the same pairing FOUR times at most. E.g. if I picked Fullmetal Alchemist as the series; I can only make 4 EdWin icons, 4 RoyAi icons, etc...


When is the next round's sign up?
It will be posted within a couple of days after winners of the previous rounds are announced.

16. Are animated/gif icons allowed?

17. Am I allowed to use only one character of the pairing in my icon?
No. Unless it's a special themes like "symbols", all characters in the pairing/OT3 must be identifiable on the icon. However you choose to manipulate the panels to accommodate this is all up to you, though.

18. I've already signed up, but can I change my claim?
Sure thing; as long as the change is made before the date specified by the mod, this date will be visible on the sign up post. For round 1, this date is Friday 10th December :D

Is it okay to make an OTP icon with only one character?

Both the characters have to expressed in some shape or form. If you have one character in the icon, make absolutely sure that, to some degree the other character/s are present eg: ribbons, hair, picture frame, hand etc of the other character.
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